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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tarek Fatah: Time for Canada to Take on the Jihadist Agenda

The following by Tarek Fatah is reposted here with permission of the Middle East Forum:

Time for Canada to Take on the Jihadist Agenda

by Tarek Fatah
The Toronto Sun
October 28, 2014

[Originally published under the title "Time to Take on Jihadist Agenda"]

Damian Clairmont, a Calgary-based convert to Islam, was radicalized for two years before departing Canada to fight and die for ISIS in Syria. His mother has denounced the government's "cavalier attitude" toward Islamist indoctrination of Canadian youth.
At times, my fellow Canadians alarm me.

When three anonymous women allegedly have kinky sex with radio celebrity Jian Ghomeshi and are allegedly physically and/or verbally assaulted by him, the country goes into a tizzy.

However, when three anonymous Toronto girls are recruited by Islamic State to marry ISIS fighters overseas who are warring against Canada, and are subsequently rescued by our security agencies and released back into the community, Canada yawns.

While Canadians were distracted by the Ghomeshi affair, the Senate Security Committee heard from RCMP and CSIS officials about the threats we face at the hands of homegrown jihadists.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Arlene Kushner on Netanyahu Standing Up To US "Chickens***" Pressure

From Arlene Kushner:
October 29, 2014

Standing Tall

The media here in recent days has been full of observations about the growing rift between Israel and the US, or, more accurately, between the Netanyahu and Obama administrations.
There have been, incredibly, some Israeli politicians and commentators centrist-left who point a finger at Netanyahu, saying that he is provoking Obama and that Israel-US tensions are his fault.  They point out that we need America and cannot afford to alienate its chief executive.
Me?  I say, Right on, Bibi!  And I am hardly alone in this response.
Time to cut the umbilical cord with the US – which makes some afraid to alienate a source of “nurturing” – and to do what is best for Israel, unapologetically.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kerry Blames ISIS Recruitment on 1948 Refugee Problem -- Not 18 Million From Arab Countries

The following by David P. Goldman is reposted here with permission of the Middle East Forum:

Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS?

by David P. Goldman
PJ Media
October 20, 2014

There are now nearly 18 million refugees and internally displaced persons in seven Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen), up from slightly over 7 million in 2011, according to the UN. That doesn't count more than 2.5 million Afghani refugees from the continuing war in their country. Much of the population of Syria has left their homes, including 3 million who have left the country due to the civil war and an additional 8 million internally displaced.

That is cause for desperation: unprecedented numbers of people have been torn from traditional society and driven from their homes, many with little but the clothes on their backs. There are millions of young men in the Muslim world sitting in refugee camps with nothing to do, nowhere to go back to, and nothing to look forward to. And there are tens of millions more watching their misery with outrage. Never has an extremist movement had so many frustrated and footloose young men in its prospective recruitment pool.